Swim Spa

Swim Spa

The Hydropool Swim Spa range is designed to provide a swimming experience worthy of perfection. From the AquaSport Swim Spa models for the everyday swimmer to the AquaTrainer Swim Spa models for more specific and up-to-date athletic training, your swim needs will be met.

AquaSport Line

  • Aquaboost pumps to produce strong current
  • Energy efficiency of the hydraulic system
  • Slipstream swim jet technology
  • Customizable Jet Flex swim system
  • Aquachannel shell complete loop design
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada

AquaTrainer Line

  • Pumps for the Highest water volume produced
  • Produce a smoother current
  • Technology that produces a turbulence-free swim
  • Swimming current lighting
  • Adjustable to the level of swimmer from novice to triathlete
NameDimensions (po)Volume (US Gal)Filled Weight (lbs)Nb. of placesJets (gold series)Jets (platinum series)
12FX AquaSport15093491489144033n.a.n.a.
14FX AquaSport1749348.751727167662n.a.n.a.
14FX AquaTrainer1749348.751727167662n.a.n.a.
16FX AquaSport1869348.751944186773n.a.n.a.
16FX AquaTrainer1869348.751944186773n.a.n.a.
17FX AquaSport2109348.752182208302n.a.n.a.
17FX AquaTrainer2109348.752182208302n.a.n.a.
19FX AquaSport2209352.752378229484n.a.n.a.
19FX AquaTrainer2209352.752378229484n.a.n.a.
19DTFX AquaSport2269352.752076213174n.a.n.a.
19DTFX AquaTrainer2269352.752076213174n.a.n.a.

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