Serenity Spas

Serenity Spas

The Hydropool Serenity spa line is designed for performance. Its Clean & Clear micro filtration outshines all other water treatment systems for ensuring pure, clear water with low maintenance and reduced chemical usage.

  • Programmable controls
  • HydroWise Heat Shield Hardcover
  • Insulated Thermal Shield Blanket
  • Low Amperage Evergreen Pumps
  • Eco Heat Exchange Technology
  • Designed to Exceed CEC standards
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada

Hydropool’s Zoned Therapy of Serenity Spas let you customize of the usage of the hot tub to help you benefit from a general sense of well-being.

  • Zone 1: Paravertebral muscles
  • Zone 2: Lumbar muscles and legs
  • Zone 3: Muscles of the upper back, neck and shoulders
  • Zone 4: Muscles of the arch of the Foot.
NameDimensions (po)Volume (US Gal)Filled Weight (lbs)Nb. of placesJets (gold series)Jets (platinum series)
4000 - 34 po6283.253424325643-430n.d.
5000 - 36 po79.579.53630931764-53040
5500 - 36,5 po83.583.536.533034815-63040
6000 - 36.5 po83.583.536.540340485-63040
7000 - 36.5 po83.583.536.537638076-73040

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