Premium Series

Strong Spa
Premium Series

Exceeding expectations with every moment, the Premium Series delivers luxury beyond belief. Superior hydrotherapy, extravagant features and lasting quality bring you this indulgent spa experience. With lasting quality and a sleek exterior finish, this premium spa will enhance your outdoor space while delivering a luxurious environment full of opulence, relaxation, and therapeutic relief.

Premium Series for a new way to experience tranquility

  • Dura-ShieldTM
  • Ultra-Strong CoverLifterTM
  • Dura-LastTM Cabinet
  • LED Air Controls
  • MP3 Bluetooth
  • Lounger
  • LED Water Columns
  • Neck Jets
  • Step and Towel
  • Custom-Molded Waterfall
  • LED Two Tone Jet
  • Dura-BaseTM
  • Jumbo Footwell Jet
  • Exterior LED Lights
  • Ozonators
NameDimensions (po)Volume (US Gal)Filled Weight (lbs)Nb. of places
Madrid 44 Premium919191.4440042945-6
Vienna 44 Premium91913640042946-7
Madrid 60 Premium91913640042945-6
Vienna 60 Premium91913640042946-7

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