Hydropool: Canadian spas

Founded in 1978 as a commercial pool manufacturer, Hydropool became one of the first spas retailers in North America in 1980, when it began manufacturing its own spas at a plant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Hydropool: Canadian spas

Hydropool’s products are now sold through a network of approximately 250 retailers in more than 60 countries around the world. Its success is based on the superior quality of its products and the training of its retailers to provide you with sound and quality advice in the selection of your spa, swim spa or ideal accessories, according to your needs, budget limits and activities.

First spas and carbon neutral swim spas on a global scale

Hydropool is committed to minimizing and neutralizing carbon emissions from its manufacturing processes. Its manufacturing initiatives are constantly reducing its carbon footprint. Its tree planting program ensures that Hydropool supports environmental projects that neutralize carbon emissions as part of its manufacturing process.

Hydropool is committed to be on the leading edge of developing energy efficient technologies. Its unique Self-Cleaning, and HydroWise Thermal Shield Systems enable the company to meet the rigorous energy efficiency standards of the state of the California Energy Commission (CEC).

Environmentally responsible printing

Hydropool is committed to supporting responsibly managed forests in order to protect wildlife habitats, to ensure clean water and to keep our forests healthy for generations to come. Therefore, all of its corporately produced posters and brochures are printed by companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) on FSC approved paper.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Hydropool is committed to reducing the waste sent to landfills. In addition to Lean Manufacturing initiatives which reduce and/or reuse waste materials it is also engaged in a corporate wide recycling program. Even the Everlast Cabinetry on its hot tubs and swim spas are recyclable.

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